Unmatched Technical Knowledge

The extensive technical expertise at CS2 easily surpasses other distributors. We not only have experience selling our competitors’ products, but also have hands-on training of those products and first-hand knowledge of sealant manufacturing. Our team has the ability to perform some testing of substrates and sealants in-house but we also have the experts at our manufacturers’ and their labs to rely on for full scale testing and reporting.

With a superior understanding of specialty construction applications and the different types of sealants used in construction, our technical sales staff will ensure your company uses the correct product for the application–and receives it at a competitive price.

CS2 is the authorized distributor of Dow Chemical DOWSIL™, as well as Sika, STI Firestop, Armacell FillPro, Alchemco Waterproofing, Newborn, Albion and many more.

High-Quality Products

Our quality expectations for the products we carry are extremely high; we will not bring in a new product line unless it offers a competitive advantage. As buildings become more complex, supplying anything less than the best sealants and accessories is not an option, which is why the sealants and accessory products we carry offer a value that other distributors can’t often match.

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Full-Service Distribution

Known for exceeding our customers' expectations, we pride ourselves on reliable customer service and well-stocked inventory.

Our Customer Service

Nobody serves customers faster and with more efficiency than CS2. Pick-up transactions from our warehouse often take less than five minutes, and our customer service representatives and technical experts are readily available during office hours to answer your questions, provide experienced technical advice. We ensure our products are properly promoted and stocked and orders are accurately fulfilled at the committed price.

Our Inventory

We hold one of the largest single location inventories of specialty caulking materials in North America, including but not limited to over 60 colours of Dow Chemical DOWSIL™ caulking and over 600 boxes of Armacell backer rod in all sizes and types. Related accessories such as caulking guns and parts, caulking cutters, glazing tapes, window foam, solvents and anything else a caulker will need are readily available at CS2.

Our Warehouse Experience

The CS2 warehouse is centrally located in Toronto, just off Highway 401. Open from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday, our warehouse is clean and well-organized to ensure efficiency, with employees on-hand to help you load your order if needed.

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Prominent manufacturers across North America trust CS2 products for both complex projects and common weatherproofing applications. See those projects here.

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