High temperature capabilities as well as pump resistant formulas are also available upon request.
Cloverdale Butyl Glazing Tape

Cloverdale Butyl Glazing Tape

GT1085 is 100% solid, non-hardening, non-skinning, permanently tacky performed sealant formulated to the appropriate standards for nonstructural metal to metal sealing and for sealing and bedding glass into wood, vinyl and aluminum sash. The tape is furnished on release paper rolls and is a polyisobutylene and a cross-linked butyl blend, formulated specifically for easy installation on substrates at temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C). It is designed to create a long lasting, flexible weather seal between the two similar or dissimilar surfaces which will be subjected to normal expansion/contraction and wind loading force. It is  an excellent exterior primary spacing and glazing seal when installing glass into a window sash.

Formulated to pass AAMA Spec. 807.3 for glazing tapes to be used with architectural aluminum.

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