Established in 1867, Fein holds the distinction of being the world's first electric tool manufacturer, pioneering the invention of the electric drill in 1895. Their legacy of innovation cements their status as the foremost choice in the industry. Renowned for their unmatched quality, Fein continues to be the top selection for professional caulkers.
Fein MM 700 Oscillating Caulking Cutter

Fein MM 700 Oscillating Caulking Cutter

The Fein MM 700 Oscillating Caulking Cutter sets the industry standard as the original, patented oscillating cutter. Unmatched in performance and durability, it surpasses imitations that fail to meet the demands of professional use. Engineered for endurance, this tool is not intended for casual, weekend projects. Instead, it’s built to withstand rigorous, all-day use, making it the preferred choice for the professional caulker seeking reliable and precise equipment.

  • Durability & High Performance: The 450 W FEIN high-performance motor exemplifies durability and efficiency. This overload-proof motor, featuring a high copper content, delivers enhanced cutting speeds and facilitates ultra-rapid work progress. Its robust design ensures reliability and a high level of performance for demanding interior construction and renovation tasks.
  • Anti-Vibration System: The anti-vibration system ensures a consistently safe and comfortable work environment by significantly reducing vibrations and providing excellent noise damping. This Fein oscillating tool feature is designed to enhance user comfort and safety over extended periods of use.
  • Metal Drive Head: With all components constructed entirely from metal, the drive head offers high load capacity and maximum service life. This design choice emphasizes durability and longevity, ensuring that all parts of the drive head can withstand extensive use.

StarlockMax Tool Mounting: The StarlockMax tool mounting provides expansive versatility, granting access to approximately 180 FEIN accessories across the Starlock, StarlockPlus, and StarlockMax performance categories. This feature enhances the tool’s adaptability, allowing for a wide range of applications and uses.

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