Albion Engineering has one of the most comprehensive accessories and parts lines of any caulking gun manufacturer. Their extensive line includes replacement parts for every gun, a variety of nozzles, tooling slicks, bulk caulking accessories and many other categories for the professional caulker.
As a leading Albion caulking gun supplier in Canada, we carry the following accessories:
Orange Cone Nozzle

Orange Cone Nozzle

Here it is – the original orange cone nozzle you’re all familiar with!

  • Classic Albion caulk gun cone nozzle for 2″ diameter Special Deluxe guns (DL-45, DL-59, etc.)
  • Tough enough to use against brick or concrete. HDPE plastic won’t scratch glass or metal.
  • 5″ Long nozzles can be cut to any size opening from 1/8″ to 1-3/4″ with utility knife
  • Use with #421-G01 ring cap (front cap)
Green Square Bead Nozzle for B-Line Sausage Guns

Green Square Bead Nozzle for B-Line Sausage Guns

  • Lays down a flat bead. Requires Less tooling!
  • Applies the right amount of material. Less waste!
  • Easily turns the corner from vertical to horizontal without stopping. Goes down faster!
  • Square nozzle seats itself reliably in the center of the joint.
  • Bright, fluorescent colour makes it easy to see sealant as it is being applied.
  • 5″ inch Plastic nozzle is easily trimmed with a utility knife to desired size. See directions below.
  • Fits all B-Line sausage guns B12S20, B26S20, etc. with black plastic ring cap #873-5
Angle Shot Green Plastic Nozzle for 300 ml. Cartridges

Angle Shot Green Plastic Nozzle for 300 ml. Cartridges

  • Extend any plastic cartridge nozzle for dispensing in difficult situations
  • Total length is 7″. Base is 4.5″ then turns 45 degrees and extends another 2.5″
  • Fits on top of many standard 300 ml. or quart cartridge nozzles or inside a #235-3 Orange Cone Nozzle
Bent Cone Nozzle for B-Line Sausage Guns

Bent Cone Nozzle for B-Line Sausage Guns

  • 45° bent nozzle for hard to reach areas
  • Plastic nozzles are easily trimmed with a utility knife to desired size
  • Fits B-Line sausage guns such as the B12S20 with black plastic front cap #873-5
  • 1.5″ straight then 4.5″ additional after 45 degree bend
1/8″ Ribbon Bead Nozzle for Applying Air Barrier Sealants

1/8″ Ribbon Bead Nozzle for Applying Air Barrier Sealants

  • Plastic nozzle for applying 1/8″ thick ribbons of sealant. Tilt tool upward for thinner ribbon.
  • Width is 5/8″ but can be modified easily with a utility knife to dispense at up to 1-1/2″ wide (1/4″ increments).
  • Fits all 2″ diameter barrel Albion professional bulk and sausage guns with 421-G01 metal ring cap (DL-45, DL-59,etc.) including B-Line Bulk guns (B12B20, B12B30,etc.)
  • To use with B-Line Sausage Guns (B12S20, B26S20, etc.) substitute the 868-1 front cap.
Standard Round Metal Nozzle

Standard Round Metal Nozzle

Albion produces far too many metal nozzles to list separately. They are available in a number of sizes from 1/8″ up to 3/4″ in a round configuration. Wider nozzles are available in a ribbon style. To see Albion’s selection of round nozzles, please follow this link Standard Round Metal Nozzle

  • Excellent wear resistance when working on masonry and abrasive surface
  • Fits all Special Deluxe bulk/sausage (DL-45, D-59, B12B20, etc) with 426-G01 front cap
  • Can also be use with 966-1 or 966-2 Nozzle adapters
  • Steel 3/8″ NPS male thread
Metal Ribbon Nozzles

Metal Ribbon Nozzles

Albion produces over a dozen widths and thicknesses of metal ribbon nozzles for applications ranging from air barriers to adhesive spreading. Whatever your situation, they likely have a nozzle to increase your efficiency. They range in width from 3/8″ up to 2-1/2″ with various thicknesses. For a better idea of what we have available, explore our Albion Metal Ribbon Nozzles collection.

Specialty Nozzles

Specialty Nozzles

You never know what you’re going to encounter on a jobsite. Albion has encountered most situations and have designed tailored solutions to make your work more efficient. We maintain an extensive inventory of various nozzles, ensuring that you always have the right tool at your disposal, even for the most challenging tasks.

  • Bendable on site
  • Pre-bent
  • Nozzle extensions
  • Thin, needle-like nozzles
  • Static mixing
  • Triangular bead
  • Double or Multiple bead
Gun Pistons

Gun Pistons

Albion manufactures a diverse range of pistons designed to accommodate cartridge, sausage, or bulk-packaged materials. Click here and learn how to choose the best piston for your application.

Bulk Loading Accessories

Bulk Loading Accessories

Increase productivity when using bulk caulking with these Albion accessories.

  • Follow Plates
  • Barrel Sleeves
  • Bucket Scraper
  • Bulk Gun Barrel Brush
  • Hook Pull
  • Catalyst Mixing Paddle
  • Insulated Barrel Sleeve
Backer Rod Insertion Tool

Backer Rod Insertion Tool

Depth matters when inserting a backer rod. Not only does it optimize the performance of the sealant, but it also helps you save on sealant usage, thereby reducing costs.

This tool allows you to set the depth with precision and also will not puncture the rod, which can cause outgassing. The depth is adjustable up to a full 1″ in depth. The standard model comes with four insertion wheels, each of varying widths (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″), along with a tamping blade. In case of wear, replacement wheels are readily available.

Streamline Caulk Spatula Set - 7-Piece

Streamline Caulk Spatula Set

  • Comfortable curved handles
  • Use to create proper concave joint profile & ensure good adhesion to substrates
  • Precision ground for optimum flexibility for perfectly finished joints
  • No plastic components for easy solvent clean-up
  • Premium grade stainless steel, ground and tapered for optimum flex
  • Rounded tips for standard applications, yet easy to modify for unique applications
  • Spatula tip widths from 3/8” to 1-1/2”
Classic Spatula Set - 9 piece

Classic Spatula Set

  • Set of nine (9) Classic hardwood handle caulk spatulas well known to the professional
  • Conveniently packaged in a durable nylon tool wrap (also sold separately as p/n 1078-1)
  • No plastic components on spatulas for easy solvent clean-up
  • Premium grade stainless steel blade, ground for optimum flex for perfectly finished joints
  • Polished blade has a smooth finish for minimum drag
  • Includes tip width from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″.

All sizes of spatulas are available individually as well as in this set.

C.A.T. Plastic Caulk Spatula Set

C.A.T. Plastic Caulk Spatula Set

Caulk Application Tool Invented by Wayne BelCher. This CAT won’t scratch!

8-piece set of chemical-resistant, non-marking plastic caulk tooling spatulas with an innovative Elliptical Spline Radius Tip for easily creating the concave, hourglass sealant cross-section shape specified by so many sealant manufacturers and ASTM for greatest movement capability.

Included are five different width tools: 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ in two tip styles: Passive & Aggressive.

18″ Caulk Knife

18″ Caulk Knife

  • Cut old caulk from joints prior to recaulking
  • All steel construction means durability on rough surfaces
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Holds standard utility knife blade (not included)
  • 18″ length for extra leverage

Also available in a 12′” version for tighter areas.

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