NUCO is a Canadian manufacturer and re-formulator of silicone products. Their Firestop line of sealants, Self-SealĀ®, is a 100% silicone Firestop sealant that provides a water, smoke, and toxic gas seal that meets stringent industry requirements.

Products come in intumescent, self-levelling, and gun grade formations. NUCO provides consistent quality with a proven track record as well as an extensive number of rated listings. They offer full technical support by phone or on-site.

Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical silicones are now branded under the Dowsil brand. Dow carries forward the silicone technology that was pioneered by Dow and Corning under their 70 year partnership at Dow Corning.

Dow Chemical is the largest silicone manufacturer in the world and the leader in construction silicone and sealant technology. Their products are used in the construction and fenestration industries for a wide variety of end use products including coatings, structural glazing, weathersealing and firestopping.


Pecora is diversified manufacturer of silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, latex and epoxy based sealant and coating materials. Products include pick resistant and pick proof high security caulking materials.

Cox North America

Cox/Sulzer is an English brand of guns that specializes in quality manufacturing and innovative products for dispensing sealants. There standard sausage gun and pneumatic guns are popular for their reliability.

Albion Engineering

Albion Engineering is a leader in caulking gun solutions including the quickly evolving electric gun market and in two-part pneumatic caulking dispensing equipment.


Newborn is a supplier of reliable and innovative caulking guns.

Kemper System

Nu Flex Sealants


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