High-strength structural glazing spacer tapes play a vital role in maintaining consistent spacing between a glass pane and the metal frame before the application of structural silicone, thus serving as a crucial component in structural silicone glazing setups. The open-cell spacer tapes we offer come in various thicknesses and widths, and are available in either black or gray. They feature a robust acrylic adhesive on one or both sides of the foam, ensuring versatility and durability for different glazing needs.
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For over 40 years, Thermalbond®, previously known as Norton Tape, has set the industry standard for structural spacer tapes. To this day, their products are used globally across various curtain-wall designs.
Thermalbond V2200

The Thermalbond V2200 spacer tape comes in an array of thicknesses and widths. It is available in both black and grey and features a high-strength acrylic adhesive on both sides of the foam. This dual-sided adhesive provides reliable temporary bonding and delivers stability for glazing components throughout the silicone curing process.

V2200 is less dense than its counterpart, V2100, thereby enhancing ease of use during on-site glazing projects.

  • Its open-cell structure promotes air and moisture access to the silicone for optimal curing.
  • As a semi-rigid foam tape, V2200 is compatible with all tested silicones.
  • The tape’s low thermal conductivity boosts wall performance and can contribute to LEED points.
  • Offers outstanding resistance to temperature changes, fungi, and oxidation.
Thermalbond V2100

The Thermalbond V2100 spacer tape is provided in a wide array of thicknesses and widths, with options in black or grey. Featuring a specially formulated cellular substrate and a strong acrylic adhesive on both sides of the foam, this tape delivers dependable temporary bonding. This ensures the glazing components remain stable through the silicone curing process. 

  • The open-cell structure ensures air and moisture can penetrate the silicone, promoting optimal curing.
  • Constructed from semi-rigid polyurethane foam, it is compatible with every silicone tested.
  • Its low thermal conductivity enhances wall performance and may contribute to earning LEED points.
  • It demonstrates superior resistance to temperature fluctuations, fungal growth, and oxidation.

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