Cox (Medmix) are international leaders in fluid dispensing, based in Switzerland but sold around the globe. Precision technology, just as precise as their country's world famous Swiss watches.
Cox PowerFlow Sausage Gun

Cox PowerFlow Sausage Gun

  • Preconfigured for sachet (sausage) application
  • Plungers included for cartridge & bulk applications
  • High quality epoxy coated cast aluminum handle
  • Anodized aluminum barrel
  • Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • Contoured handle and trigger grip
  • Anodized aluminum and clear plastic barrel
  • Warranty up to 2 years
Cox AirFlow 3 Sachet

Save your arm! Pneumatic (air powered) caulking guns are a pleasure to work with, especially in the manufacturing industry. This gun is compatible with 300 ml., 400 ml., as well as 600 ml. sausages without any conversion.
These guns have the following features:
• Floating plunger system with secure cord (minimizes waste)
• Built-in silencer (less than 70dB)
• Adjustable air regulator (precise control and smooth material flow)
• Ergonomically designed fiberglass reinforced nylon handle
• 6.8bar (100psi) regulator
• Built-in air hose
• Warranty up to 2 years

Cox PowerFlow Cartridge Gun

Cox PowerFlow Cartridge Gun

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. – Oscar Wilde.

Often copied but never duplicated, this gun is the industry standard.

Smoothest action cartridge gun on the market!

  • Seal puncture device
  • High quality epoxy coated cast aluminum handle
  • U-opening rotating steel frame
  • Built in ladder hook
  • Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • Rotating Frame
  • Spike
  • Warranty up to 2 year

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