When Edge was established in 1998, the market's safety glasses lacked key features such as polarized lenses, anti-slip details, and anti-fog coatings. Today, Edge safety glasses have transformed the industry with eyewear that not only adheres to safety standards but also sets new benchmarks in comfort, style, and functionality. Edge Eyewear is the original disruptor in the field.
Robson Safety Glasses

Robson Safety Glasses

The Robson safety glasses, Edge’s best-seller, feature a lightweight and timeless design that offers comprehensive eye protection. Their flexible, stylish and sturdy black frame comes equipped with soft thermoplastic rubber nose pads and temple tips, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. These sleek, low-profile glasses are ideal for both professional and recreational use. 

Edge Eyewear® rigorously tests its glasses to meet CSA Z94.3-07, ANSI Z87.1+2015, and Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standards, guaranteeing top-tier protection. Additionally, all Edge lenses provide 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation and feature a scratch-resistant coating for enhanced durability.

Nervosa Edge Safety Sunglasses

Nervosa Edge Safety Sunglasses

The Nervosa medium safety glasses offer 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, featuring a nylon wraparound frame and gasket in black. These glasses are equipped with standard polycarbonate clear lenses that are anti-fog and anti-glare, meeting the CSA Z94.3-2015 standards. Designed for both men and women, these glasses are metal/X-ray detectable and include thermoplastic rubber on the temple arms for enhanced comfort and anti-slip properties. 

Edge Eyewear® ensures all its glasses comply with CSA Z94.3-07, ANSI Z87.1+2015, and Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standards. As with all other Edge lenses, Nervosa safety sunglasses feature a scratch-resistant coating for lasting durability.

Brazeau Safety Glasses

Brazeau Safety Glasses

The Brazeau Torque combines frames featuring a modern wrap-around design with safety features that excel both on and off the jobsite. Flexible and durable, the frames are marked with an “E” on each temple and fitted with foam nose pads for all-day comfort. 

The design includes a sleek brow guard to protect the eyes from overhead light, while recessed lens cavities minimize airflow, preventing eye dryness. Edge Eyewear® ensures each pair meets CSA Z94.3-07, ANSI Z87.1+2015, and Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standards, offering 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation with a scratch-resistant coating for added durability.

Beyond Safety Glasses: Discover Our Range of Professional Sealing Solutions

Top-quality safety glasses are essential across construction industries. Serving as the line of defense against potential eye hazards, including flying debris, dust, and chemical splashes, investing in superior safety eyewear is a commitment to professional well-being and operational excellence. 

At CS2, beyond our selection of safety glasses, we stock the highest-quality sealant solutions for the construction industry. Our portfolio is carefully curated to include only the best, featuring Newborn caulk guns, renowned for their precision and durability, alongside Saint Gobain structural glazing tape, esteemed for its exceptional structural glazing performance and reliability.

Trust us to keep you up to date with superior materials and accessories. When you choose CS2, you’re not just acquiring products; you’re engaging with a professional partner dedicated to the success of your projects. 

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