Our product line features a selection of coloured caulks that is unmatched by other distributors, including the industry's best caulks in over 60 caulking colours and Dow DOWSIL™ silicone caulks in a wide range of silicone colours.
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As one of the exclusive Dow distributors, we carry the following Dow chemical products:
Dow DOWSIL™ Allguard

Dow DOWSIL™ Allguard is an elastomeric coating for exterior architectural applications. The product has a unique combination of UV stability and breathability inherent to silicone polymers, which allows moisture to escape from the building and prevents mold issues in most situations. This combination enables us to provide the best architectural paint and coating warranty in the industry: a 10-year non-pro-rated warranty for material and labour.

Dow DOWSIL™ Allguard protects the underlying substrate from weathering and will not peel or crack. It is available in thousands of colours, custom-tinted in our warehouse, and has a proven 25-year track record in Canada.

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